Intelligence Analysis

What is intelligence and how can intelligence be analysed to ensure that it adds value, informs direction and maximises resources.

Intelligence should be at the core of decision making, to inform and guide. 

At Go Insight we apply a proven intelligence analysis model that will support your operational, tactical and strategic organisational needs. We use a variety of techniques to provide a clear intelligence picture that assesses threats both tactically and those on the horizon.

All intelligence must begin with some form of problem definition, without which any subsequent analysis may be flawed. This approach sets the scene and establishes your terms of reference, thereby avoiding any unnecessary mission creep. The generation of intelligence products should always come with a set of recommendations on how to prevent further criminality (due to the way crime is occurring), what intelligence needs emanate from the analysis (gaps or what should the next intelligence product seek to do) along the most effective enforcement steps needed to tackle the defined problem.