Developing Capacity

We recognise the value in investing organisational resources in data management, visualisation, intelligence analysis and building robust data systems to future proof institutional memory.

Building capacity at Go Insight means more than delivering training, instead we intend to empower and equip, to encourage personal growth and share hands-on knowledge.

Our approach seeks to understand the environment and objectives of your capacity needs to inform a tailor-made program that is realistic and achievable. We offer courses in an active-learning environment, whether remotely or online.

Our course portfolio is designed around the following analytical concepts; business insights, criminal intelligence (crime patterns and enablers, networks and relationships, commodity flows) OSINT, managing risk and strategic intelligence. Each program is underpinned with the same set of key skills; critical thinking, effective communication, open mindedness, problem solving and creativity. We aim to evoke these skills by design of our programs.

As experienced practitioners in our field Go Insight can also provide guidance as how to effectively use and exploit complementary tools (Excel, Google Analytics, Arc GIS, AI) and software (i2, SQL Server) for your analytical needs.