Data, Analysis & Intelligence Specialists


Our passion is to make your data intelligent. The generation of information is ever growing, and as such there is a much greater need to analyse and optimise data.


We have over 30 years’ experience in understanding the challenges organisations face when the potential of data is not being realised. 

From a public and private sector perspective we have worked with law enforcement, analysis, intelligence, project management, and business insight. Our mission is to improve your data capabilities so that it is easily translated and transformed into actionable insights.

We have a particular interest in supporting environmental and social causes, and have a firm belief that by bringing data together, and working collaboratively we can deliver solutions to achieve your objectives.



Two fearless women are running the show at Go Insight. They know their stuff and are leading the way with expertise and effectiveness.

Sarah Stoner

Sarah Stoner, Founder & Intelligence Lead

Intelligence and analysis specialist, bringing meaning to data for intelligence and strategic decision-making purposes and to strengthen resilience to crime. Learn more about Sarah Stoner.

Ottilie Dyckhoff, Founder & Analytics Lead

Analytical and data visualisation specialist, keen to ensure data is structured in a way that allows it to be central and accessible to all levels of decision-making and insight. Learn more about Ottilie Dyckhoff.


Go Insight. Transforming wildlife data into real-world change.

New CatByte data project aims to strengthen responses to big cat poaching and trafficking.

Go Insight. Transforming wildlife data into real-world change.

Go Insight teamed up with Alison Hutchinson a green criminologist and conservation scientist

Go Insight. Transforming wildlife data into real-world change.

Sarah Stoner founder of Go Insight talks on how criminal intelligence can help save the Pangolin from extinction.