​CatByte represents a groundbreaking initiative to combat the illegal trade and trafficking of big cats through collaborative, data-driven approaches. 

​Leveraging crime analysis techniques, it will identify and illustrate dynamics and changes in illegal trade and a decomposition of threats.

CatByte aims to identify opportunities, patterns, trends, similarities, and differences in the trafficking of big cats. By utilising advanced analytics in-depth insights of aggregated trade data will be more accessible.

By joining forces and leveraging the power of data, we can work towards a future where big cats are protected and thriving in their natural habitats.

CatByte will present dynamics in relation to species of big cats (with a focus on cheetahs, clouded leopards, jaguars, leopards, lions, tigers, and snow leopards).

The analytics will aim to highlight areas of crime convergence between trade in big cats and other wildlife in addition to other types of crime. 

CatByte is independently housed and managed by Go Insight.

The goal of CatByte is to drive and inform a dedicated network of stakeholders including governments, inter-governmental organisations, and NGOs to strengthen their response and foster collaboration. 

The primary objectives of CatByte are:

To provide a platform for increasing accessibility to data, insights, and more timely analytics.
To facilitate greater collaboration among stakeholders involved in conservation, wildlife law enforcement, and policy specialists.
To leverage data analytics to inform evidence-based conservation and law enforcement actions.
To raise awareness about the threats facing big cat species and advocate for increased investment in data management and analysis.


CatByte will consist of an interactive dashboard hosted on a purpose-built website. Additionally, under the project analytical briefings and assessments will be generated and shared within the network. Access to these resources will be secured through a password-protected area of the website.


CatByte Website Launch

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